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Main uses and characteristics of steel row nails

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Anti embroidery method of steel row nail£º

1. The steel row nails keep the wood structure connection interface in a dry state.

2. Use non corrosive nails.

Features of steel row nails:

Can be nailed into the concrete wall. The common drill bit used in decoration is omitted, and it is easier to nail the steel row nails (steel nails) after nailing the wooden wedge after drilling holes in the wall. The air pressure of the air pump should be 0.4 ~ 0.8 pressure. For fixed objects, the nail degree should be 1.5cm-2.5cm longer than the suspended objects, which is firm and not easy to damage the wall.

Common nail product features: flat cap, round rod, diamond tip, smooth surface and strong rust resistance. Purpose of steel row nails: indoor decoration, furniture manufacturing, wooden packing box, cement wall, connection between ground and surface materials, and connection with base materials. Used in interior decoration, wooden packing boxes and other fields.