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Tips for treatment of nail sticking injury of steel row

Published Date:06-15-2021    Source£º    Author£ºSHENGQIANDA  Viewed£º737

Tips for treatment of nail sticking injury of steel row

1. The dressing shall be changed frequently when it is stabbed by stainless steel row nails. Steel row nails have galvanized coating, which is generally not rusty.

2. If the rusty steel row nails are punctured, it will be troublesome. Most of the rusty steel row nails are parasitic with many bacteria. Even if a layer of skin is scratched by the rusty nails, we should pay attention to it

Because the volume of bacteria parasitic on rust is much smaller than that of ordinary bacteria, it is easy to penetrate the skin, epidermis and internal tissues. If it is not handled in time. A few years later or

Decades later, there may be trouble.

3. If the wound is too deep, it needs to be expanded in treatment. What is expanded wound? Expanded wound is to expand the wound and clean up the things inside. It's a continuous attack of tetanus. Such as rust, dust and other foreign matters! If the treatment is not good, even if the surface grows well, there will be no rejection or even inflammation due to foreign bodies!

Anti corrosion treatment of steel row nails: all exposed iron parts in the ceiling shall be painted with anti-corrosion paint before nail cover panel, and the contact surface between wood skeleton and structure shall be subject to anti-corrosion treatment.

Installation of pipeline facilities: after snapping the ceiling elevation line, the water and electricity equipment pipelines in the ceiling shall be installed, and heavy lifting objects shall not be hung on the ceiling keel.

Installation of covered gypsum board: there are many kinds of ceiling cover panels installed on the bottom of wood skeleton, which shall be constructed according to the design requirements, varieties, specifications and fixing methods. The fixing method of the cover panel and the wood frame shall be screwed with countersunk self tapping screws, and then painted with anti rust paste.