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Quenching treatment of steel row nails

Published Date:06-27-2021    Source£º    Author£ºSHENGQIANDA  Viewed£º840

Steel row nails are T-shaped objects made of 45# low carbon steel. One end has a flat head and the other end is sharp. The nail rod has a diameter of 2.2 ¡é and is glued together by glue. It is mainly used for decoration, fixation and connection. It can also be used to hang articles. Use st64 pneumatic gun instead of steel nail and hit it with a hammer. The carbon content of steel nail is 0.4-2.8%, which is higher than that of steel nail. There are 8 types of steel row nails, namely st-18 and ST-25. ST-32¡£ ST-38¡£ ST-45¡£ ST-50¡£ ST-57¡£ ST-64¡£

Quenching is a metal heat treatment process in which the steel row nails are heated to a certain temperature and maintained for a period of time, and then immersed in the quenching medium for rapid cooling. Common quenching media include brine, water, mineral oil, air, etc. Quenching can improve the hardness and wear resistance of metal workpieces, so it is widely used in various tools, dies, measuring tools and parts requiring surface wear resistance (such as gears, rolls, carburized parts, etc.). Through the combination of quenching and tempering at different temperatures, the strength, toughness reduction and fatigue strength of metal can be greatly improved, and the coordination between these properties (comprehensive mechanical properties) can be obtained to meet different service requirements.

Ordinary nails, including ordinary polished iron nails and galvanized iron nails. Types of ordinary nails: ordinary polished nails, galvanized nails.

Material: low carbon steel Q195, Q215, Q235 specification: 2 ¡Á 25mm<1¡å£¬ 2.5 ¡Á 50mm<2¡å£¬ 3.4 ¡Á 65mm<2.5¡å£¬4 ¡Á 75mm<3¡å£¬4.5 ¡Á 100mm<4¡å£¬ 4.5 ¡Á 125mm<5¡å

Iron nails are calculated in inches. One inch is equal to 25.4mm, 1.5 inch is equal to 40mm, 2 inch is equal to 50mm, 2.5 inch is equal to 60mm, 3 inch is equal to 75mm, 3.5 inch is equal to 90mm, and 4 inch is equal to 100mm

The manufacturing process of steel row nails requires wire drawing, nail making machine forming, polishing and galvanizing, and then glue bonding in rows. The process is cumbersome.

Production process of iron nails: the round nails are processed after being pulled out with high-quality wire rods. Specification and model: 9.52mm-88.90mm

Features of rigid row nails: they can be nailed into the cement wall. The common drill bit used in decoration is omitted, and it is easier to nail the steel row nails (steel nails) after nailing the wooden wedge after drilling holes in the wall. The air pressure of the air pump should be 0.4 ~ 0.8 pressure. For fixed objects, the nail degree should be 1.5cm-2.5cm longer than the suspended objects, which is firm and not easy to damage the wall.

Common nail product features: flat cap, round rod, diamond tip, smooth surface and strong rust resistance.

Purpose of steel row nail: interior decoration, furniture manufacturing, wooden packing box, etc.

Application of ordinary nails: the products are suitable for soft and hard wood, bamboo devices, ordinary plastics, sanding of earth walls, repairing furniture, packing wooden boxes, etc. It is widely used in construction, decoration, decoration and decoration industry.