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So let's first understand what role nail products play in home decoration -- the most common steel row nails are used to fix the skirting line and some fixing that need to be hit into the wall. Steel row nails are T-shaped objects made of 45# medium carbon steel or 55# medium high carbon steel. One end has a flat head and the other end is sharp. The diameter of the nail rod is 2.2 and it is a special nail bonded together by glue. Its main function is to decorate and fix the connection. It can also be used to hang objects. Generally, st64 pneumatic gun is used to replace steel nails and hit with a hammer.

Main models of steel row nails:

It is divided into 8 categories: st-18, ST-25, st-32, st-38, st-45, st-50, st-57 and st-64.

1. What are the uses and dosage of 50 straight nails, 30 straight nails, 25 straight nails, 45 steel rows, 38 steel rows, 32 steel rows and 422 yard nails in home decoration

50 straight nails generally replace 50 iron nails, such as wardrobe reinforcement and ceiling keel connection

30 straight nails are most commonly used. They are basically used for furniture and ceiling

25 straight nails are rarely used. Generally, when furniture needs to be thickened, such nails are used when the thickness is less than 3cm

45 steel row is mainly used for decoration, and fixed wood is used on the wall

The 38 steel row is mainly used for decoration, and the fixed small wood is used on the wall concrete

32 steel row is mainly used for top corner line or fixing wood on concrete

422 is mainly used for nailing gypsum board

Home decoration uses these most, from more to less: 30 straight nails, 45 steel rows, 38 steel rows, 422 yard nails, 50 straight nails, 32 steel rows, 25 straight nails

2. What are cement nails

Steel nail, it is also a nail, the material is also steel, but the texture is relatively hard! Its function is to nail on some hard objects that can't be nailed by other nails!

3. Could you tell me the shortest row of nails for dry decoration is a few millimeters? What is the specification of the shortest row of nails, a few millimeters

The shortest row nail gun is 10mm, which is rarely shorter than 10mm.

What is the difference between ordinary nails and cement nails? Is it just different in hardness

Ordinary nails are made of low carbon steel and cement nails are made of medium carbon steel. After quenching, the hardness is much higher.

4. What is cement brick? What is the purpose and size of cement brick

Cement brick is a new type of wall material made by using fly ash, coal slag, coal gangue, tail slag, chemical slag or natural sand, coastal mud (one or more of the above raw materials) as the main raw materials, using cement as coagulant and without high-temperature calcination.

5. Where are nails, steel row nails, self tapping screws and expansion screws used in home decoration

Gun nail: used to fix various wood plates and wood lines, such as various decorative panels, window sleeve lines, door sleeve lines, etc. Common specifications are:

F15, F20, F25, F30, f38, etc.

Steel row nails: when commonly used for ceiling, install the edge keel around, including wood keel and light steel keel, which are fixed on the ceiling

On the cement mortar wall. Common specifications are (mm): 20, 25, 30, 38, etc.

Self tapping screw: generally used to fix gypsum board, such as gypsum board ceiling, light steel keel partition wall, etc. Common specifications

Yes (mm): 25, 30, 35, 50, etc.

Expansion screw: plastic expansion pipe and metal expansion pipe. It is used to fix various metal supports and suspended ceilings. frequently-used

Specifications are (?): 8, 10, 12, 14, etc.

6. Why can't the cement nail enter the cement wall? What's the function of the cement nail

If the cement nails don't go in, it means that your wall is cast-in-situ, and the quality is very good. It also uses high-grade cement. You can use better steel nails to nail

7. Cement nail 3.5 What does 40 mean

3.5 (nail diameter in mm) 40 (nail length in mm)

8. What is the name of the pressure used for decorating row nails

I'm also engaged in decoration. I usually encounter this problem when the air pump pressure is small. Maybe the air pressure of the air pump is not large enough.. it's best to use the whole plate of nails. If several pieces are used together, it's easy to jam nails... Don't drive nails too fast. There may be a problem with the gun... Because I usually have a problem with 30

9. What type of row nails are generally used for decoration

38 main! 25, 50, 45, all use! Occasionally use 64