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Custom Designed Steel Row Nails

SHENGQIANDA has almost 30 years of experience in the production of row nails and we provide customization service for the production of specialized row nails products. 

Why choose us?

We often develop our own molds and use large-scale processing equipment to meet the mass production of continuous casters. In meeting customer needs, our product quality is one of our biggest assets. We have produced dozens of custom row nails for different customers. These custom row nails are necessary for non-standard applications, especially those with specific requirements.

How to customize£¿

¡ñ Type of steel row nails selection

50 straight nails generally replace 50 iron nails, such as wardrobe reinforcement and ceiling keel connection

30 straight nails are most commonly used. They are basically used for furniture and ceiling

25 straight nails are rarely used. Generally, when furniture needs to be thickened, such nails are used when the thickness is less than 3cm

45 steel row is mainly used for decoration, and fixed wood is used on the wall

The 38 steel row is mainly used for decoration, and the fixed small wood is used on the wall concrete

32 steel row is mainly used for top corner line or fixing wood on concrete

422 is mainly used for nailing gypsum board

¡ñ Hardness of steel row nails

Steel row nails are T-shaped objects made of 45# mild steel. The carbon content of steel row nails is 0.4-2.8%, which is higher than that of ordinary steel nails. One end has a flat head and the other end is sharp. The nail rod has a diameter of 2.2 ¡é and is bonded together by glue. The steel row nails are used for a variety of purposes, such as the production of furniture, sofas, wooden boxes, and a variety of wood products. They mainly play the role of decoration and fixed links. They can also be used to hang objects.

Specification and size

Steel row nails are divided into 8 specifications: st-18, ST-25, st-32, st-38, st-45? ST-50¡¢ST-57¡¢ST-64¡£

Actual use in actual use, if the steel nails are forced into the wall, the steel nails may be bent and broken, while the st steel row nails can be nailed in. The common drill bit used in decoration is omitted. It is easier to nail into the steel row nail () after nailing into the wooden wedge after drilling a hole in the wall. The air pressure of the air pump should be 0.4 ~ 0.8 pressure. The fixed object should be fixed with the nail degree 1.5cm-2.5cm longer than the suspended object, which is firm and not easy to damage the wall. Purpose: interior decoration, wooden packing box.